Briar bird pipes

The Albatross line by Briar Bird Pipes are an affordable option which incorporate modified pre-molded stems with top quality briar to produce a wonderful smoking experience. The stems airways are opened up on each pipe to allow them to have the same smoking qualities that a hand cut stem would produce. Enjoy a great smoking experience while saving some cash.

Albatross Billiard/Pot

Length- 511/8"

Height- 1-5/8"

Chamber Diameter- .75"

Chamber Depth- 1-3/8"

Albatross Premium Tall Billiard

A gorgeous crosscut piece of briar on this premium Albatross billiard. Horn shank extension adorns this beauty.

Length- 4.5in/11.43cm

Height- 2.25in/5.73cm

Chamber Diameter- .75in/1.9cm

Chamber Depth- 1.75in/4.45m

Weight- 1.74oz/49.2g